As part of the humanities, the disciplines of the Faculty investigate the world’s cultures in their linguistic and historical dimensions, their interregional and global connections, as well as their specific linguistic, literary, regional, national, ethnic, economic, social, denominational and gender-related characteristics.

Research and teaching at the Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies cover a wide range of subjects, and its basic research contributes to the understanding of cultures and identities, and thus supplies expertise with regard to the establishment of cultural, economic and political relationships.

The range and methodological orientation of the subjects at the Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies is unique in Austria and constitutes a wealth of cooperation opportunities in research and teaching. All disciplines take historical dimensions into account, and use methods of literature studies and linguistics, theatre, film and media studies as well as musicology, cultural studies, area studies, and in addition, examine the socio-economic developments in Africa and Asia.

The courses taught at faculty provide a diversity that is unique within Austria and rare within Europe: many of its study programms are not offered at any other Austrian university, and few European universities boast a comparable range. In international rankings the faculty’s subjects are regularly among the top 100 university institutions worldwide.