Data Stewards at the University of Vienna

Through their discipline-specific support, the data stewards complement the central services in research data management offered by various departments at the University of Vienna.

Pilot project

The University of Vienna currently employs four data stewards/stewardesses and a data stewards coordinator. The data stewards are organisationally located at their respective faculties or centres, the coordinating office is at the University Library.

The positions are initially limited to three years. The Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies was the first faculty with such a position and has had a data steward since June 2022.

Scope of duties

We help researchers and students to optimise data collection and storage, hold FDM courses, answer questions, support data management plans and help to find the right contact person for your specific FDM concern within the extensive university infrastructure.

Data Stewardess at PhilKult

Monika Bargmann is the Data Stewardess for the Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies at the University of Vienna. Bringing people and information together and "translating" between diverse groups of stakeholders is the common thread through Monika's over 25 years of professional experience. She worked as a journalist, librarian, archivist, research assistant, lecturer, data manager, and IT project coordinator before joining the University of Vienna and holds a business licence for IT services. She was involved in European and Austrian research & development projects funded by the programmes Horizon2020, Erasmus+, ICT of the Future, and ASAP14.

Monika holds master-level degrees in Library and Information Studies (FH Burgenland and HBI Stuttgart) and in German Studies (University of Vienna) and is in the final stage of her Urban and Regional Development studies (University of Vienna). She attended the courses "Data Librarian" and "Data Steward" at the University of Vienna.

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For more information on our tasks, publications, and the Data Steward certificate course, please visit our central RDM website.