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Academic publication practice is confronted with an ever-increasing call for digital open access publications - especially from funding organisations and publication rankings. This, together with the obligation of quality assurance through peer review procedures. Although the demand for greater accessibility of academic publications is to be welcomed in principle, it would be wrong to prematurely abandon the traditions and advantages of an established academic culture of the printed book.

agora is a publication series of the Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies that responds to these challenges and, as a publication platform, is intended to represent the entire disciplinary spectrum of the Faculty. agora is open to members of the Faculty (including third-party funded staff) but also to external academics with a connection to the Faculty (such as former members, visiting researchers, guest lecturers, members of research collaborations). Anthologies and monographs - including qualification publications - should be published in agora.

Festschriften, textbooks and translations of previously published works are excluded.

Funding is planned for approx. five monographs/edited volumes per year, which have undergone a double-blind peer review process organised by the Dean's Office and supported by the Faculty's Scientific Advisory Board. The print version will be published by Praesens-Verlag in Vienna.

Information as PDF (in German).


Publication process

The publication process in agora is as follows:

  • Submission of a completed manuscript to the faculty management (ongoing).
  • Acceptance or rejection by the faculty management (with revision requests if necessary).
  • Multi-stage peer review process (double-blind).
  • Creation of a print-ready PDF (if necessary with revision requests from the reviews) according to a template.
  • Publishing realisation: print version (with cover, title, licensing) by the publisher, simultaneous open access publication and distribution by the Vienna University Library.
  • Bibliometric monitoring.


Bisher erschienene Bände

Band 1: Narrare - producere - ordinare : neue Zugänge zum Mittelalter. Hrsg. von der Vienna Doctoral Academy - "Medieval Academy". Wien: Praesens Verlag 2021, CC BY NC 4.0, DOI:  10.23783/9783706910637

Under the headings "Narrare, Producere, Ordinare", the contributions collected here address both contemporary medieval and modern perspectives, such as those of the digital humanities, on wide-ranging medievalist topics."Narrare" focuses on the communicative act of material manifestations, which refers to the various possibilities of information transfer. "Producere" deals with the material and social aspects of the genesis of information carriers. The keyword addresses the (labour) steps in the production process of medieval sources and also includes the current field of transmedial transfer and processing of historical sources (editions, databases, etc.). "Ordinare" encompasses the areas of social, political, and religious orders or bases of legitimisation as well as the way later epochs dealt with medieval sources and their interpretation strategies, which contributed to the genesis of a specific medieval image.

The volume is based on a conference organised by the Vienna Doctoral Academy - Medieval Academy in Vienna in 2018. The majority of the lectures held there are presented here in revised form.

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