Planning your research project

Data Management Plan

Do you need to complete a data management plan (DMP) for a third-party funded project
and have questions about it? Then make a personal appointment for DMP consultation or attend one of our courses.

Data protection

If you process personal data and have any questions, please contact the data protection officers: and (Login with u:account)

If you process personal data, you must register the project in the record of processing activities of the University of Vienna before starting the collection. Information on this can be found at (login with u:account). If you do not have any data protection knowledge at all, we recommend attending one of the two-hour training sessions of our data protection officer beforehand.

The data stewardess can give you some hints on data protection aspects in your specific project and point you to helpful resources, but may not and cannot offer legal advice. She will gladly connect you with the RDM legal support person.

Ethics committee

If the publisher or funding body requires an ethics vote from you or if you have deeper ethical questions, you can contact the ethics committee. For the requirements and formal procedures, see or (Login with u:account).

FAIR and CARE principles

For an introduction to those important principles of research data management, visit

FAIR stands for "findable," "accessible," "interoperable," and "reusable" and refer to desirable properties of research data. Read more at the GO-FAIR initiative at

The CARE Principles are intended to ensure indigenous data sovereignty. The acronym stands for the four elements of "Collective Benefit," "Authority to Control," "Responsibility," and "Ethics." Read more at the Global Indigenous Data Alliance at